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Qualified personnel
Applicants are carefully screened through a strict process of selection for the work to be done to insure that you only get qualified and reliable personnel and the service that you expect.

Replacement personnel
Do you need short term help to handle vacation, inventory, emergencies or overloads in your work force? You can draw from our pool of qualified employees for use, as you need them, on a temporary basis. We are committed to send you the replacement on short notice, Guaranteed.

Payroll functions
In using our agency, we handle all payroll functions including wages, Federal and Provincial taxes and remittance applicable as well as "CSST" Work Accident related regulations and Premiums. You will be able to reduce your payroll accounting, employee benefit programs and governmental compliance procedures.

Truck drivers
We can provide you with truck drivers for different types of equipment. Our drivers record have been investigated to insure that your equipment and deliveries will be handled the way you expect. Our rates are hourly and very competitive, therefore reducing your operation and administrative costs.

Itemized invoicing
Our invoice will allow you to find information as well as your specific operating cost at a glance and will be easy to verify and analyze.

Successor employer
Action Manutention Lasalle inc.
can take any group of your present employees and transfer them over to our payroll. You will be relieved of your personnel problems while retaining your qualified people.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
To prove it's commitment in providing Quality service.
Action Manutention Lasalle inc. will not invoice your company for the time used of our employee if you are not completely satisfied with our personnel and will replace them rapidly not to affect your operations, Guaranteed.


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